New! PTS Series Automatic Power Transfer Switch

New! Fail-Safe Automatic Power Transfer Switches

Irvine, CA, 08/06/10 - WTI has just released a fail-safe power transfer switch for single power supply devices needing automatic switching between primary and secondary power sources.

According to Joseph Brodski, WTI Sales Manager, the addition of automatic power transfer switches to the WTI product offering is in response to increasing demand by customers who need redundant power delivery to legacy single power supply devices.

Redundant Power for Single Power Supply Devices

  • 8 Milliseconds Power Switch Time (<1 Cycle)
  • Continuous Source Monitoring

“When working with single power cord devices,” Brodski said, “your options for delivering redundant power are limited. Instead of reconfiguring the entire power architecture of your installation or leaving equipment as a single point of failure on mission critical networks you can simply add an automatic transfer switch to your rack or cabinet.”

The PTS Automatic Power Transfer Switch allows for two inputs from a primary and secondary power source to deliver redundant power to single power supply devices. When power is lost on the primary input the PTS immediately begins drawing power from the secondary input in less than one cycle or 8 milliseconds on average. Continuous source monitoring ensures that no matter what time of day or night a failure occurs you can have peace of mind knowing your single power supply equipment is still receiving power.

Dual Inputs for Fail-Safe Fallback Power

  • Add Redundancy to Existing PDUs
  • Automatic Fallback Power Switching

The new automatic power transfer switches, Brodski said, were designed to give existing power strips and smart PDUs the ability to switch between A and B power sources. There is no need to remove existing smart or switched PDUs from racks or cabinets when installing a PTS. Just plug the input from the strip or PDU into the PTS and you have just created a dual fail-safe redundant power source without rewiring your equipment.

Automatic fallback switching of the PTS also allows for hands-free power fallback between primary and secondary sources. Unlike other solutions, the PTS can detect when power is restored to the primary input and automatically fallback to the primary power source.