WTI Showcases Secure Remote Management Tools at Cisco Live 2010

Irvine, CA, 06/27/10 - WTI has been selected by Cisco as one of the prime vendors showcasing their wares at “Cisco Live 2010” on June 28th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

According to WTI's CEO, the company’s display in Booth 961 will feature their latest Cisco-friendly Console Servers, High-Amp Power Reboot, and Console Server/Power Reboot Hybrid products.

Serial Console Servers and Out-of-Band Communication
  • Remote Console Port Access via IP
  • Secure Out of Band Communication
“When your network goes down,” the CEO said, “there’s often no way to access your remote network devices via normal in-band channels. In such cases, an out-of-band solution such as our highly secure line of WTI Console Servers provides the only means to communicate with troublesome remote devices without traveling to the remote site in person.”

Out-of-band access allows IT engineers to create a secure connection with a remote device and then invoke commands to diagnose, reset or reconfigure the malfunctioning device even when normal in-band communication is not feasible. WTI Console Servers are equipped with a formidable array of security features to ensure secure, authenticated communication, for both in-band and out-of-band connections.

High Amp Power Reboot Switches: Perfect Fit for Cisco Power Control
  • Remote Power Cycle Switches, Routers & Firewalls
  • High Amp Load Power Switching
WTI’s new MPC-HD series remote reboot switches, the CEO said, were specifically designed to provide remote reboot capabilities for high-amp devices such as Cisco switches. WTI reboot switches include the right types of power outlets, alarm features, power metering capabilities and current ratings needed to adequately support blade servers, data switches and other high-amp network devices.

 “With the MPC-HD,” according to WTI's CEO, “you can easily and securely reboot Cisco switches from anywhere on earth.”

Console Server + Power Reboot Hybrids; Two Devices in a 1U Box
  • Access Console Ports and Cycle Power
  • 1U Solution for Remote Branch Offices
WTI’s RSM-8R4 Console Server + Power Reboot Hybrids provide the perfect 1U solution for smaller installations and data centers. The RSM-8R4 includes eight serial console ports for remote access to command functions, and four switched power outlets to provide remote reboot capability.

The RSM-8R4 also includes the same, vital security and authentication features as our full-sized Console Server and Remote Reboot products, as well as the same alarm capabilities and out-of-band access features, all in a single, compact 1U package to fit the needs of remote network sites.

For More Information: Visit the WTI Booth 961 at Cisco Live 2010 to check out their Console Server and Power Control products, view live demos…and receive a free back pack!

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