Avocent® DSView® 3 Certification for MPC Series Products

Our MPC series Rack-Mountable, Switched PDUs are now certified for use with Avocent DSView 3; the premier software solution for secure, browser-based data center management. You can still use the MPC's native command interface and our DMU Device Management Utility to control and manage the MPC, but now the MPC can also be easily integrated into any data center management program that relies on Avocent DSView 3.

The MPC Plug-In allows you to use DSView 3 to perform the following tasks:

  • Add the MPC as a DSView 3 Appliance; Add Individual Plugs as DSView 3 Target Devices
  • Automatically Employ the DSView 3 Server IP as One of the MPC's SNMP Trap Destinations
  • Display MPC Configuration Data on General Information Page
  • Display MPC Current, Voltage and Power Information
  • Display On/Off Status and Control (On/Off/Boot) Status for Each Plug
  • Display Power Supply Status
  • Configure SNMP Read/Write Communities and Trap Destinations

DSView 3 can now retrieve configuration and status information from MPC units and will also allow you to control the MPC's power and reboot operations via the DSView browser-based interface. This provides a secure, centralized interface for control and managment of the MPC as well as other network devices.

The MPC Plug-In integrates with the existing DSView menu system, to provide a convenient summary of unit status in a format that's familiar to DSView users. The following MPC command, configuration and operation features will be present in the DSView 3 interface:

Adding the MPC as a DSView Appliance

  • Add Appliances: MPC units can be added as DSView appliances.
  • Appliance Name: DSView will adopt the MPC's user-defined "Site ID" message as the default appliance name.
  • Appliance List: The DSView appliance list will display each MPC unit that is added.
  • Appliance List: Displays the number of switched outlets for each MPC unit.
  • Target Device List: Displays the number of switched outlets for the selected MPC unit.
  • Trap Destination: Available trap destination will be automaticaly set to the DSView 3 server address, in both DSView and on the MPC itself.

Appliance Pages

  • Appliance Overview Page: Name field can be modified (Note that the Name Field will be modified in DSView 3 only, and will not be modified on the MPC unit itself.)
  • On/Off/Reboot Control: All switched outlets can be turned On or Off. A reboot (power cycle) operation can also be initiated at all switched outlets.
  • Appliance Settings, General Information: Will display MPC data.
  • Appliance Settings, Banks: Displays values for current, voltage and power for all MPC banks.
  • Appliance Settings, Switched Outlets: Displays On/Off status for all MPC switched outlets.
  • Appliance Settings, Switched Outlets: Selected outlets can be switched On or Off or Rebooted.
  • Appliance Settings, Power Supply: Displays the current status of all input power supplies.
  • Appliance Settings, SNMP, Settings: Displays and configures read and write communities, in both DSView 3 and on the MPC unit itself.
  • Appliance Settings, SNMP, Trap Destinations: Displays and configures trap destinations, in both DSView 3 and on the MPC unit itself.

Target Device Pages (Click on a single plug in the Target Devices list, or select the desired plug using the drop down menu adjacent to the unit in the Appliance List.)

  • The Plug Name and type are configurable (in DSView 3 only, not on the MPC unit itself.)
  • Displays plug status.
  • Plugs can be switched On or Off or rebooted.

Interface with Power Manager

  • Appliance can be added to a rack.
  • Power Manager link is displayed from Appliance pages.
  • Total current, power and voltage for the unit is displayed on the Status screen.

Secure power control, powerful alarm and notification features, and Avocent DSView 3 certification all add up to make the MPC Switched PDU the perfect solution for your data center's power management requirements. To request a live demo please submit a Live Demo Request Form or contact us at info@wti.com.