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TSM Series Serial RJ45 Port Console Servers

SSHv2 Secure Console Port Access & Management

TSM Series serial console servers provide secure remote access to RS232 console ports on servers, routers, switches, firewalls and other network elements. This allows system administrators to manage and troubleshoot network devices from anywhere. The TSM's robust assortment of security and authentication features ensure that access to your critical network elements remain secure.

The TSM can also monitor network elements, such as WTI power switches, constantly watching for significant changes. Network managers are promptly notified via SNMP trap or email when high temperature readings, full port buffers, invalid access attempts and other events are detected. Both 120/240V AC and -48V DC 8,24 & 40 port models are available.

Serial Console Port Management:


  • In-Band 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • Supports Both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Out-of-Band (Optional Modem w/ Dialback Security)
  • Local Access (RJ45 RS232 Set-up Port)
  • Reverse / Outbound SSH

Security & Authentication:

Event Monitoring & Logging:

  • Ping-No-Answer External Device Check
  • Break Command Blocking
  • Power Cycle Alarm
  • Temperature, Command & Event Logging
  • Lost Communication Alarm
  • Buffer Threshold Alarm
  • Time Stamp & Non-Connect Port Buffering
  • SYSLOG Messages
NR-ADVRE2 2-Year Advance Replacement

2 Year Advance Replacement Coverage; Only valid for unit sold within USA & Canada

TSM-8 Serial Console Server, SSH, (8) Port RJ45

Secure Serial Port Access (8) RJ45 ports, SSHv2 Encryption, RADIUS Authentication, Optional Internal Modem, 100/240V AC

TSM-8DC Serial Console Server, SSH, (8) Port RJ45, -48V DC

Secure Serial Port Access (8) RJ45 ports, SSHv2 Encryption, RADIUS Authentication, Internal Modem (Optional), -48V DC