CEO Site Tours - The James Bond 4G Test Bed

Motorola Building, Swindon, UK

WTI power control units are frequently used in lab environments for error testing and scheduled On/Off power control during a defined burn-in process. One of the more note-worthy applications I have seen for our power control products was at a well known Motorola facility in Swindon, UK, about 80 miles east of London.

The Motorola building in Swindon is one of the most unique examples of futuristic architecture I have ever seen. The Motorola building (nicknamed "The James Bond Building") was used as a stand-in for a Turkish oil refinery in the Pierce Brosnan film, "The World is Not Enough."

The engineers at Motorola in Swindon have used the WTI model IPS-800-CE (an 8-outlet, dual-input On/Off power controller) in the process of developing a 4G test-bed.

Motorola test engineers first came up with the idea of counting the number of power cycles applied to a specific outlet. Next, they developed a simple http script which sends control commands to the WTI intelligent PDU, in order to switch outlets On/Off for specific periods of time, also logging and time stamping each switching event.

WTI IPS-8 Installation Example

The data derived from this test allows Motorola engineers to know exactly how many power cycles a target element received, when they were performed and if the target test element came 'back to life' after the power was yanked and restored.

In addition to writing some very powerful, full-featured scripts for the WTI box, the Motorola test engineers who use the WTI boxes also work in one of the coolest looking buildings that I have had the opportunity to visit.

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