Effective Power Redundancy Solutions to Minimize System Downtime

One of the most critical factors in reducing system downtime is to ensure that power is always available to vital network elements. The most common means to achieve this is to ensure that an effective power redundancy solution is implemented. Although the specific configuration of a power redundancy solution may vary from one application to the next, the basic idea behind all power redundancy solutions is the same: to provide the ability to switch over to a back-up power source in the event that the primary power source becomes unavailable.

This white paper will describe how WTI’s PTS Series Automatic Transfer Switches can be employed in four typical power redundancy applications:

Power Redundancy for High Amp, Single Inlet Switches and Servers

An effective power redundancy solution can help to minimize system downtime and ensure the availability of vital services when they’re needed the most. Without a power redundancy/failover solution in place, even common minor events such as tripped circuit breakers or power outages can leave servers, switches, routers, firewalls and other single inlet devices dead in the water until power is restored.

effective power redundancy for high amp poe applications

WTI’s PTS Series Automatic Transfer Switches can prevent downtime by instantly switching to back-up/emergency power when the primary power source is interrupted. After switching to a secondary power source, the PTS can also switch power back to the primary input when power to the primary input is restored. The reduced downtime provided by a PTS Series ATS Switch is especially valuable in applications such as converged data, voice and video networks. The PTS delivers cost efficient power redundancy to single power inlet devices and provides seamless power failover for routers firewalls and switches, including Cisco Catalyst 2960, 2960-X, 2960-Plus, 3750E and 3750X series switches and routers as well as Juniper’s EX2200 and EX3300 series switches, which include only one internal fixed power supply.

  • Protection Against Power Outages Due to Tripped Circuit Breakers and Interrupted Utility Power
  • Continuous Source Monitoring

In applications that include Cisco routers or switches with a single power inlet, the PTS can be employed as an economical alternative Cisco’s RPS2300 Redundant Power System. In addition to providing seamless power failover at a fraction of the cost of the RPS, the PTS also supplies higher amperage than the RPS, eliminating the need to prioritize connected devices.

  • Low Cost Alternative to Adding a Second Power Supply Module
  • Allows Existing Single Power Inlet Devices to be Used in N+1 Redundancy Applications

The high Amp power failover capabilities provided by the PTS are especially useful in providing power redundancy for PoE and UPoE devices, which supply both operating power and Ethernet access to connected devices. The PTS provides ample power to backup up to six 48-Port, 15.4 Watt PoE switches or up to three 24-Port, 60 Watt UPoE switches.

  • Typical Switching Time: Less than 20ms @ 50 Hz
  • Supports Up to 4800 Watt Power Switching

WTI’s PTS Series Automatic Power Transfer Switches can improve the reliability of your network by eliminating downtime caused by blown circuit breakers and power outages, helping to ensure that critical network devices are always up and running, without interruption.

  • Available in Both Horizontal 1-Rack-Unit Format and Vertical Zero-Rack-Unit Format
  • 120V AC and 240V AC Models
  • Robust Out-of-Phase Switching Capability
  • LED Indicators Show Active Power Source

PTS series Automatic Power Transfer Switches provide safe, reliable power fallback for single-corded rack-mounted devices in a variety of different applications, including high amp devices such as servers, routers, firewalls and PoE switches.

Zero-Rack-Unit, Vertical Format Power Redundancy Solution

WTI’s PTS-14CM20-V Series Automatic Power Transfer Switches provide the perfect power redundancy solution for rack mounted devices in situations where free rack space is tight or nonexistent. The vertical format, PTS-14CM20-V easily mounts to a rack support post to provide a power fallback/redundancy solution without using up valuable rack space.

vertical format zero-unit power redundancy solution

The PTS-14CM20-V includes two IEC C19 outlets and twelve NEMA 5-15R outlets to allow connection to a variety of different types of devices, plus two IEC C20 inlets for connection to your primary and secondary power sources. In the event of loss of primary power, the PTS-14CM20-V can switchover to your secondary, emergency power source within 8 to 12 milliseconds to ensure that vital, single power inlet devices connected to the PTS are always fully powered and ready to use.

Horizontal Format Power Redundancy Solution

Horizontal format PTS Series Automatic Power Transfer Switches are available in a number of different configurations to provide a power failover solution for almost any application imaginable. From the high Amp PTS-4MM20 Series, to the eight outlet PTS-8NE15-1R, to the nine outlet PTS-9CM20-2R, to the compact, four-outlet PTS-4 Series, WTI has a PTS Automatic Power Transfer Switch that can provide the perfect fit for your power redundancy needs.

horizontal format automatic transfer switch

All PTS Series Automatic Power Transfer Switches can be connected to both a primary power source, such as your main utility power line, and secondary power source such as an emergency generator, to provide effective automatic power failover with switchover times less than 20 milliseconds.

Compact, Desktop or Wall-Mount Power Redundancy Solution

In many cases, the types of applications that can benefit the most from a power redundancy solution simply don’t have enough available space for an ATS unit. In cramped environments such as remote kiosks, branch offices and roadside enclosures, every inch of usable rack space is often already filled, leaving little room for a power fallback unit.

compact wall-mount or desktop automatic transfer switch

In applications like this, WTI’s PTS-4 Series Automatic Power Transfer Switches can be easily mounted to an enclosure wall or slipped in between existing devices to provide reliable power redundancy for remote servers, firewalls, traffic control equipment and other single power inlet devices. When main utility power is unavailable, the PTS can quickly switchover to a secondary power source such as a solar panel or battery.

WTI’s PTS series Automatic Power Transfer Switches are specifically designed to provide safe, reliable power fallback for single-corded rackmount devices. The PTS includes dual AC power inlets, for connection to both a primary power source and a redundant, secondary power source, allowing the PTS to seamlessly switch from your primary power source to your back-up power source in the event that the primary power source fails or is unavailable. After switching to a secondary power source, the PTS can also switch power back to the primary input when power to the primary input is restored. For more information on PTS Series Automatic Power Switches, please contact WTI.