Highest Customer Satisfaction

Any company can stand here all day, making wonderful claims about the reliability and quality of their products. That’s all fine and good, but what really matters is what the customers think of their products.

At WTI, we take great pride in the fact that our users routinely give our products the highest marks for customer satisfaction. But you don’t have to just take our word for it; here’s a sampling of some of the glowing reviews that our customers have given WTI products:

"Great company to do business with and outstanding service."
Tony Prey - AT&T

"Best part is it just works out of the box. The serial ports work great with the Cisco gear with no config changes from the factory default."
Jack Kinney - Lincare Network Operations

"WTI was the only company that took the time to understand our issues, and, at a very reasonable cost, provided us with a patch that allowed us to unset this timer. Other companies refused to assist (partially I think because the other companies OEMd their product and maybe didn't have access to the code to do this). I have been happy with the product since. We currently run 4 IPS-800s"
Colin - Crossbeam Systems

"We've been using the Network Boot Bar for more than a year, and I've been very impressed with its reliability. This is one device that I'd like to never have to use because that indicates a problem in our server farm. Fortunately, whenever I have needed it, the unit has been 100% reliable and has saved us thousands of dollars in lost revenue on at least 2 different occasions. It has more than paid for itself and I will gladly return to WTI for our next expansion!"
Aaron Asbra - Dealerlink

"WTI's Remote rebooters and Console manages have made network maintenance a breeze."
Mike Maley, Network Deployment Manager - MetroFi

"One feature that is particularly valuable is the ability to communicate with equipment using different baud rates. We are very satisfied with the APS-16M."
Mike - ICS

"We have been WTI users for about 8 years now and are very pleased with the performance, reliability and ease of use. The auto-ranging power supplies allow us to deliver a single product worldwide without worry of local electrical standards. Since the equipment is designed to be rack-mounted, the finished installation is neat and clean. Thanks again for the quote and the excellent products. Keep up the good work!!"
Dave - Goodrich