Firmware Upgrade

Note: Prior to installing WTI Firmware Updates, please access the command mode on your WTI device and use the /J* command to determine the firmware and processor version of your WTI device. Refer to the table below, and make certain that the firmware update that you have downloaded is compatible with your existing firmware and processor version. Installing a firmware update that is not intended for your specific firmware and processor version will produce unpredictable results.

Product Models Current
Console Servers: DSM, CPM, SRM - For Firmware v6.23 and Later - ARM Processor v6.51 10/20/2017 Release Notes
Console Series Firmware - v6.51 - Released 10/20/2017
Switched PDU: VMR, NBB, NPS, RPC - For Firmware v2.00 and Later - ARM Processor v2.11 11/2/2017 Release Notes
Power Series Firmware - v2.11 - Released 11/2/2017
Switched PDU: VMR, NBB, NPS, RPC, CCM - For Firmware v1.66 and Earlier - PPC3 Processor v1.66 2/13/2017 Release Notes
Power Series Firmware - v1.66 - Released 2/13/2017 (Please Contact WTI Tech Support)
Data Fallback: AFS Series - PPC3 Processor v2.30 8/4/2014
Data Fallback Series Firmware - v2.30 - Released 8/4/2014 (Please Contact WTI Tech Support)
Legacy Products:
Console Servers: TSM Series, RSM Series - PPC3 Proccessor v6.41 3/14/2017 Release Notes
Console Series Firmware - v6.41 - Released 3/14/2017 (Please Contact WTI Tech Support)

Firmware Release Notes:

WTI recommends that you review the following Release Notes prior to updating existing firmware:

  • DSM Series, CPM Series, SRM Series Release Notes
  • VMR Series, NBB Series, NPS Series, RPC Series - Firmware v2.00 and Later Release Notes
  • VMR Series, NBB Series, NPS Series, RPC Series, CCM Series - Firmware Version v1.66 and Earlier Release Notes
  • TSM Series, RSM Series Release Notes

Get the latest firmware versions and release dates for all WTI products. To receive firmware upgrades and instructions for your WTI products, please submit the following information:

Get The Latest Firmware

Note that the table below lists the current firmware version for each product family, along with previous, recent firmware releases for each product family.