Designed, Engineered and Manufactured On Site

All WTI products are engineered, designed and manufactured at our facilities in Irvine, California. Our manufacturing process features intensive internal Quality Control programs; we will not ship a product until we have made certain that it is functioning perfectly, and performing exactly as dictated by our original design specification.

Although our manufacturing facilities feature the most modern, up-to-date equipment available, we also go to great lengths to ensure a traditional approach to high quality, old-fashioned American craftsmanship. Each phase of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored, and our "hands-on" production strategy results in durable, high-quality products, which provide reliable support for your most critical telecommunication applications.

WTI products are available factory-direct in the U.S.A., or through our extensive network of international NetReach resellers. Please contact us for the sales representative in your area.

WTI units are Made in the USA