Cisco® EnergyWise Smart PDU

Looking for a Cisco EnergyWise compatible Smart PDU?

As a member of the Cisco Developer Network, WTI is proudly shipping Outlet Metered Smart PDUs running EnergyWise. Already approved, compatible and installed on production networks, WTI smart PDU products running Cisco EnergyWise can be used to meter and switch power to any non EnergyWise device with a power cord.

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Outlet Metered Smart PDU for Cisco EnergyWise

With the addition of WTI Outlet Metered Smart PDUs, Cisco EnergyWise can be extended to manage power of non Power of Ethernet (PoE), non EnergyWise compatible, and non LAN/WAN devices.

Cisco EnergyWise

Cisco EnergyWise is an energy management architecture designed to measure power consumption and optimize power usage, resulting in effective delivery of power across the enterprise. IT professionals can quickly optimize the power consumed in a building, and the result is immediate cost saving with a clear return on investment.

Cisco EnergyWise measures current power consumption, can automate and take actions to optimize power levels, and can advise how much power is being consumed to demonstrate cost saving. After power consumption is understood, regulation using Cisco EnergyWise network protocols provides command and control of power usage. Energy consumed per location can easily be found with a realistic view of power consumed per wiring closet, building floor, or campus building.