Cisco Catalyst Power Management

Remote Power Reboot for Cisco Catalyst 6500

Remote Power Reboot for Cisco Catalyst 6500

The VMR-HD series is designed to deliver redundant and controlled power to Cisco Catalyst 6500 LAN switches and other high amp devices.

In the event that your Cisco Catalyst 6500 requires a hard boot after locking up or reset, you can remotely reboot or cycle power to all power supplies from anywhere!

Any of the VMR's four switched 20 Amp IEC C-19 outlets are used to provide power control for a Cisco Catalyst 6500. In addition to controlling power, the VMR can also measure power consumed by the switch, and report results via web GUI, data export or polling.

High Density Remote Power Control for Blade Chassis
and other High Amp Devices
  • Secure Out of Band IP Access
  • Switch Up to 20 Amp Loads per Outlet
  • Deliver, Switch AND Meter High Amp Power
  • Outlet Sequencing and Power Up Delays

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The VMR-HD is available in dual 16, 20, 30 and 32 Amp configurations, as described in the table below:

Model No. Power Inlets Voltage Circuit Breakers Outlets
(2) 16 Amp 200V - 240V AC (4) 16 Amp (4) IEC C19
(2) 20 Amp 100V - 240V AC (4) 20 Amp (4) IEC C19
(2) 30 Amp 200V - 240V AC (4) 20 Amp (4) IEC C19
(2) 32 Amp 200V - 240V AC (4) 16 Amp (4) IEC C19
(2) 30 Amp 200V - 240V AC (6) 20 Amp (12) IEC C19
(2) 32 Amp 200V - 240V AC (6) 16 Amp (12) IEC C19

The VMR-HD4D30 model features dual 30 Amp inputs, four switched IEC C19 outlets and four 20 Amp UL-489 circuit breakers. Each circuit breaker protects one IEC C19 outlet and will support up to 20 Amps. The VMR-HDvD30 is ideal for remote power control and management of Cisco Catalyst LAN Switches, Cisco Data Center Switches, Sun Blade 6000 Chassis, HP BladeSystem Enclosures and other high-amp equipment.

Advanced power metering capabilities allow the VMR-HD4D30 to measure and report Kilowatt Hours, Kilowatts, Amps, Voltage and Temperature. When any of these factors exceed threshold values, the VMR can switch or reboot power and promptly send notification. In addition to its many alarm functions, the VMR can also perform remote reboots and power shutdowns on individual outlets according to a user-defined schedule, when a ping command fails or on demand.

Energy consumption data from your IT equipment can be individually assessed at each VMR outlet and used for billing, heat calculation and load distribution. The VMR's intelligent, feature-rich design allows you to meter, report and control total current, power and energy consumption in your rack, cabinet or remote site. This provides the perfect solution for data centers striving for reduced energy costs and LEED certification.

The VMR can be configured and operated via its convenient IP web browser interface or by any SNMP MIB based enterprise management software. To see a complete list of approved management software, or to recommend additional software or compatibility testing, please see our Software Integration section.

Other High Amp Applications:

The VMR-HD Series is ideal for high amp power control applications, such as rebooting blade servers, firewalls, routers, switches and other devices, as described in the following examples:

Remote Power Reboot for Cisco NEXUS Switch

Remote Power Reboot for Cisco NEXUS 7010 Switch

In this example, the VMR-HD4D30-12B is used to remotely reboot or power down a Cisco NEXUS switch. The VMR-HDB's twelve switched outlets, 20 Amp IEC C-19 outlets are used to provide power control for the Cisco NEXUS. In addition to controlling power, the VMR-HDB can also measure power consumption by the NEXUS switch, and report results in chart or text format. The VMR-HDB is also compatible with Cisco EnergyWise.

Power Management for HP C7000 Blade Servers

Power Management for HP C7000 Blade Servers

The VMR-HD4D30 is the perfect tool for controlling 200 to 240V AC power to a Hewlett Packard C7000 Blade Server. The VMR includes two separate power buses; this makes the VMR particularly well suited for devices such as the HP C7000 that require power supply redundancy. Each power bus is split into two, individually breakered circuits; each circuit includes one switched 16 Amp IEC C19 outlet, for a total of four outlets (two outlets per breaker, two breakers per bus.) The VMR-HD4D30 can also remotely reboot or power down the HP C7000 Blade Server, monitor power consumption, temperature and other factors, and generate alarm notification when critical events are detected.

Measuring and Controlling Power to Sun Blade 6000 Servers

Measuring and Controlling Power to Sun Blade 6000 Servers

The VMR-HD4D30 is well suited for controlling power and reboot functions for Sun Blade 6000 servers. In addition to power control and reboot functions, the VMR-HD also provides the ability to meter energy use by the Sun Blade 6000 and report findings in text or graph format; a very valuable tool for those who need to track power use and energy costs. The VMR's four switched, 20 Amp IEC C-19 outlets are used to provide power control for the Sun Blade 6000.

Enterprise Management Software

In order to simplify the task of managing multiple power reboot units spread throughout a large network infrastructure, all VMR series high amp metered PDUs include WTI’s innovative Enterprise Management Software. The Enterprise Management Software provides a centralized command interface that can be used to manage, label and control multiple VMR units in large network applications, drastically cutting the time required to locate specific units in order to reboot attached devices.

Remote Power Reboot for Cisco NEXUS 7010 Switch with Enterprise Management Software

The Enterprise Management Software can search a user-defined IP Address range and discover and recognize all WTI devices within the range. Once units have been discovered, they are added to the Enterprise Management Software’s inventory list and a descriptive tag can be assigned to each unit to denote the location or function of the device. In addition to providing a centralized interface for controlling power switching and reboot functions, the Enterprise Management Software can also be used to control firmware updates for compatible WTI products and edit and manage user accounts at individual or multiple VMR units.