AB Fallback Switches

T1/E1, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 AB Fallback Switching

AFS-16-1 AB Fallback Switches help to simplify the challenge of setting up mirrored network equipment by providing a reliable, effective means to switch between a primary network path and a secondary network path, without the need to change configuration parameters or reroute IP addresses. The AFS-16-1 is a versatile AB switching system, ideal for any application that requires rerouting analog or digital signals between a common RJ45 Jack and “A” and “B" RJ45 Jacks. When a network element or other mirrored device fails, the AFS-16-1 can be used to switch T1/E1, Ethernet, RS232, RS422, RS485 Ethernet/UTP, phone lines or video feeds to secondary, redundant back-up equipment, either manually or automatically.

  • SNMP Compatible: Full MIB Support plus SNMP Trap Notification
  • Ping Response Monitor to Detect Unresponsive Devices
  • Temperature Alarm Provides Notification of High Rack Temperatures
  • Monitor Mode: Perform AB Switching in Response to Signal Changes

AFS AB Fallback Switch

Detect Unresponsive Devices and Automatically Switch to Back-Up Devices

In order to provide nearly seamless switchover to back-up devices, the AFS also includes an innovative ping response monitor that can help administrators to detect unresponsive devices almost immediately, and automatically switch to back-up systems without operator involvement. When the ping response alarm is enabled, the AFS will regularly ping user-specified network elements or other equipment, constantly checking for a response from the target device. If a target device fails to respond to a series of ping commands, the AFS can instantly notify you via SNMP trap, email or SYSLOG message and can also automatically switchover to secondary, fallback equipment.

AFS-16-1 RJ45 Daten Fallback Switch

16-Channel A/B Fallback Switch Base Unit, Dual Power Supply & Control Card (RJ45 Channel Cards separat erhältlich)

AFS-16RJ45 Channel Card

Individuelle RJ45 A/B Channel Card (Für AFS-16-1 Base Unit)